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Felipe and Sons x The Filo Dapper present: Primero A first for both our brands. We collaborate on a suit collection with both classics elements, and playful ones. We’re not ones to shy away from color or some patterns here and there, but we understand, of course, everything has to be wearable no matter the season. […]

The Basics Collection

Introducing Felipe and Sons’s first ever shirt collection. It’s everything a man’s closet should be–straight to the point, fool-proof, and dapper. Always dapper. We tailor according to your measurements, so you get that perfect fit every time. We’ve got your wardrobe covered. The Basics Collection will be available in both Makati and Ortigas branches on […]

The Unwritten History of The Philippines

Words by Troy Bernardo Images by Jordan Jacinto Back when the planet was young — the air, much denser and the water, thinner– there stood a vast continent which, today, could only be found in myths, the New Age section of bookstores, and, according to W. Scott-Elliott, the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. The continent, […]

The King of the Road

Words by Shirin Bhandari Photography by Josef Gadista The stainless steel horse would vibrate from left to right, up and down. The springs below the hooves were raised at a certain angle so it would give the illusion of trotting. The horse was placed top and centre on a colourful and highly ornamented hood. Traffic […]


Man of the Hour: Andrei Suleik

Interview by Kolleen Feria Photography by Jonas Tamayo Aside from elevating the local indie scene, Purveyr and Sakaling Hindi Makarating have something else–well, someone–in common: rising photographer, Andrei Suleik. For someone used to being behind the lens, Andrei seems just as comfortable being in front of it. What’s a day in your life like? I wake […]


Leslie Espinosa

Interview by Troy Bernardo Photography by Jonas Tamayo Leslie Espinosa, New York-trained guest barber-stylist, talks to us about how she discovered Felipe and Sons, and what she loves about cutting curly hair. How did you get to Felipe and Sons? How do you like it here? I met the team from Felipe and Sons through Dee […]

The City of Dreams

Words and Photography by Shirin Bhandari “How many copies?” asked a diminutive man dressed in loud flowery board shorts and a dishevelled t-shirt. “Four of each…” I said and handed over the papers. The photocopier machine or Xerox as they call it in the Philippines was randomly placed at the end of a dirty alley. An […]

The Lure of Zombies

Words by Troy Bernardo Images by Jordan Jacinto It can happen 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, or in the awesome case of World War Z, in the most glorious Now. Undoubtedly, there is something frighteningly attractive about the concept of a zombie apocalypse, or else the genre, which began in George A. Romero’s Night […]

Joe Camacam

Interview by Troy Bernardo Photography by Jonas Tamayo Joe, one of our barbers in Ortigas, talks to us about how he started cutting hair, and the differences of cutting hair in a salon vs. a barbershop. F&S: How did you get to Felipe & Sons? How do you like it here? J: Before joining Felipe [and […]

The Camera Man

Words and Photography by Shirin Bhandari There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself,for what we see is what we are. Henri Cartier-Bresson Do photographers have a secret society? A hush came over the table when I asked a group of photographers where their camera’s were serviced. One […]