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The Definitive All-Season Haircut Guide

Illustrations by Lee Caces Graphics by Gene Exaltacion A truly good look is timeless. There’s something to be said for trends, but when it comes to hairstyles, that shouldn’t preclude the classic, the practical, and the versatile. Here are some handsome hairstyles that are suitable for any occasion. 1. Tapered Buzz Cut Following the fleeting […]


The Difference Draft Beer Makes

  Presented by Understand the difference between the tap and the bottle when it comes to serving and appraising good beer You may have heard the words “draft beer.” Perhaps you’ve heard them uttered by that insufferable 20-something who definitely shouldn’t have been at your favourite bar. Or maybe you read it on a menu, […]


Man of the Hour: Joe Camacam

Interview by Kolleen Feria Photography by Jonas Tamayo and Thurees Obenza We at Felipe and Sons have always believed in local talent. Just as our stores are mancaves to Filipino gentlemen, they are also spaces for our barbers and tailors to continuously develop their craft and thrive with it. As one of our best barbers sets […]

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Man of the Hour: AJ Dee

Interviewed by Kolleen Feria Photography by Jonas Tamayo and Andrei Suleik If you follow celebrity-fashion blogger, AJ Dee, you’ve probably already seen several of his Instagram posts from Norway. It’s almost been half a month since AJ left the Philippines to be with his family, but right before he flew across the continent, we caught […]


The Last Typewriter Men

Words and Photography by Shirin Bhandari For the third time in a month the letter “F” fell off my keyboard, “D” was in close suite. I tried to patch it up but the industrial glue burned into the plastic key making it worthless. I was left with a white rubber stub. The surly technician inside […]