Last-minute Halloween costume ideas with your suit that doesn’t involve James Bond

We’re suckers for any occasion that expects us to suit up, and Halloween gives us an excuse to get a little bit more creative than usual. Like any practical man though, we’d rather not spend a fortune on an elaborate get up, especially if it’s only for this year’s Halloween night out and maybe a nephew’s costume party a few months down the road. Read on for costume recommendations you can build with clothes you already own, with a few finishing touches you can add here and there.

1. Clark Kent, just before he transforms into Superman

Suit Costume Superman

Image from Superman (1978 film)

Bare Necessities:
White dress shirt, tucked in but unbuttoned to the lowest you can go
Superman shirt
Gray or navy trousers

Complete the look with:
Superman’s signature coifed side part
Square-frame glasses
Necktie, left undone


2. Patrick Bateman of American Psycho

Suit Costume American PsychoSuit Costume American Psycho 2Images from American Psycho (2000 film)

Bare Necessities:
Pinstripe suit
Light blue dress shirt
Red necktie
Clear white PVC raincoat

Complete the look with:
Medium-length slicked back hair
Toy axe, so you don’t actually hurt anyone
Red face paint for blood splotches

Creepy, obnoxious grin

3. The Joker of Suicide Squad or The Dark Knight

Suit Costume Joker DuoImages from Suicide Squad (2016 film) promotional photos, and The Dark Knight (2008 film)

Whichever Joker you choose:
Bare Necessities:
Temporary green hair color
Face paint or make up in the following colors: white, black, and red

Jared Leto’s Joker of Suicide Squad
Black tuxedo
White dress shirt
White waist coat
White bowtie

Complete the look with:
Toy gun

Heath Ledger’s Joker of The Dark Knight
Printed purple shirt
Purple trousers, better if in print that mismatches your shirt
Green vest
Printed green tie

Complete the look with:
Disheveled long hair

Crazy eyes
Your own Harley Quinn or Batman, or why not both?

4. Tony Stark

Suit Costume Iron Man 2Suit Costume Iron Man

Images from Captain America: Civil War (2016 film)

Bare Necessities:
Charcoal 3-piece suit
White dress shirt
Red necktie
Iron Man’s Hand Repulsor

Complete the look with:
Tony’s moustache, goatee, and jawline scruff
Sunglasses with light lenses

Your sarcasm

5. Sherlock Holmes

Suit Costume Sherlock HolmesImage by FameFlynet

Bare Necessities:
Dark brown suit
White dress shirt
Dark brown overcoat

Complete the look with:
Leather gloves
Deerstalker cap

Spectacular airconditioning at your Halloween party’s venue

6. Teddy Flood of Westworld

Suit Costume Teddy Flood Westworld

Image from Westworld (2016 series)

Bare Necessities:
Cowboy hat
Grey textured coat and vest
Striped dress shirt
Grey or dark wash jeans
Brown leather or suede boots

Complete the look with:
Handgun holster, preferably in leather
Toy handgun

Short term memory loss

7. Jay Gatsby

Suit Costume Great Gatsby

Image from The Great Gatsby (2013 film)

Bare Necessities:
White or beige suit
Brown vest
Light blue dress shirt
Yellow necktie
Warm colored pocket square
Your most posh cufflinks

Complete the look with:
Coifed side part
A cane

Absurd amounts of disposable income and hopeless romanticism