First, a disclaimer: Felipe is neither a barber nor a tailor, and neither are we his sons. If you chanced upon us thinking to find a family-­owned barbershop and haberdashery, we apologize for the misunderstanding. Well, sort of.

You see, it’s no accident that our name—Felipe and Sons—sounds like the type of shop that’s been around for generations, the kind normally associated with longstanding traditions of craftsmanship, passed down from fathers to sons. But we do not mean to misrepresent. Far from it. Instead, we merely want to pay homage. Because Felipe and Sons is a celebration of that same tradition, and we feel duty-­bound to ensure it lives on.

Felipe and Sons was born out of a desire to find an establishment that caters to all the grooming and styling needs of the modern gentlemen. A place where a man could get a proper shave and a clean hair cut, fit a well tailored suit and a crisp white shirt, and maybe enjoy a glass of fine whiskey, or if too early, a cup of freshly brewed coffee. A place where a man can relax as a man. Well, we couldn’t find any. So we built our own.

For more than a decade, we've been dedicated to tending to every gentleman who has walked through our doors, caring for their grooming and style needs. Yet, our purpose transcends the surface. We stand as custodians of the rich heritage and traditions of the Filipino gentleman. Amidst the swiftly changing currents of the modern age, we are a beacon of timeless and traditional masculinity, the essence of true gentlemanliness. Assisting men in their self-presentation is just a part of our commitment. 

Looking ahead, our aspiration is to instill these enduring values in the current and forthcoming generations. In an era of trends and fast-paced change, we are resolute in our mission to nurture timeless values - values that shape the core of being a good man.

We are Felipe and Sons, forged by gentlemen for gentlemen, embodying a legacy that stands tall. Picture us as the lolo who taught you to impeccably shine your leather shoes, the kuya who revealed the art of perfect fit, and the tito who imparted the significance of a heartfelt 'thank you'. Our identity is more than a grooming haven – we're the embodiment of timeless masculine values, shaping the journey of the modern Filipino gentleman.